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Title: Establishing Commonwealth Home Support Program – dietetic service at Ballarat Health Services.
Author: Yong, Janet
Issue Date: 2018
Conference Name: Ballarat Health Services 2018 Annual Research Symposium: research partnerships for population, people and patients; celebrating our research partnerships with the community in the Grampians region
Conference Date: November 29th
Conference Place: Ballarat
Abstract: Background Malnutrition in the elderly is common and can be associated with adverse medical consequences, contributing to increased risk of frailty, morbidity, hospitalisation and mortality. The aim of the new Commonwealth Home Support Program is to provide entry-level home support for elderly Australians to live as independently and as safely as possible in the community by supporting the elderly person’s strengths, capacity and goals, including nutrition. Objectives/Aims To explore the acceptability of implementing this newly funded dietetic service involving home visits and the efficacy in improving the nutritional status of elderly living in a regional area. Method Survey data were collected to understand clients’ perceptions of the Commonwealth Home Support Program- dietetic service at Ballarat Health Services. Surveys included likert scales, open-ended questions, anthropometric measures and other measures. Results Overall clients reported that the program, particularly the home visit component, was invaluable as it has helped reduce their financial and physical burden. All clients had an improvement in their nutritional status and over 70% of clients reported regaining weight. Implications/Outcomes for Planned Research Project This new service has also provided the dietitians an opportunity to have a better understanding of a person’s capacity at home and the impact of the home environment on nutritional status. Final Thoughts Further research is required to identify strategies to overcome barriers to referring clients and understanding why people decline the Commonwealth Home Support Program dietetic service at BHS.
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Health Subject: MALNUTRITION
Type: Conference
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