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dc.contributor.authorO'Brien, M.*
dc.contributor.authorPhillips, Bev*
dc.contributor.authorHubbard, Wendy A.*
dc.description.abstractBackground: Clinical placements provide an opportunity for allied health students to gain the competencies required of them to be work-ready. However, there are some challenges to providing positive clinical learning experiences for allied health students at rural health services. Aims: This project developed and implemented a number of strategies to improve the provision of allied health clinical education at Ballarat Health Services, a regional/rural health service in Victoria, Australia. A second aim was to evaluate the allied health students' perspectives of their clinical placements. Methods: An iterative project methodology was used. Phase 1 included a needs analysis and an initial student questionnaire. Phase 2 involved the development of strategies for clinical education, which included administrative processes, provision of orientation and induction materials and providing support to students and supervisors. Student evaluation of their clinical placement was undertaken using a questionnaire, the results of which were aggregated into summary reports over a 2 year period. Results: An increased number of students were satisfied both with their clinical placements overall, and with their supervision experience. Students were consistently satisfied with their caseload and learning experience, and with the way they were included in the allied health team. There was an improved satisfaction with students' orientation to administrative tasks and organisation policies and procedures. Conclusion: This project established a number of strategies to support the provision of allied health clinical placements in a regional allied health service. These strategies improved the clinical placement experience of students.en
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dc.publisherAustralian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators.en
dc.titleEnhancing the quality of undergraduate allied health clinical education: a multidisciplinary approach in a regional/rural health serviceen
dc.typeJournal Articleen
dc.bibliographicCitation.titleFocus on Health Professional Education: a Multi-disciplinary Journalen
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