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dc.contributor.authorStacpoole-Shea, S.*
dc.contributor.authorOtago, L.*
dc.contributor.authorPayne, W.*
dc.description.abstractIn the quest to justify current orthotic treatment protocols, there is a trend for clinical practitioners to invest in computer-assisted video gait analysis systems, and rely less on clinical measurement protocols. The aim of the study was to determine the extent to which an experienced clinician would benefit in obtaining precise and reliable measurements by replacing their inexpensive static measurement protocol with a computer-assisted video analysis system. Measures of 10 subjects, having both a functionally stable and unstable ankle, were obtained in the frontal plane. This was done statically using clinical protocol and dynamically using the Ariel Performance Analysis System (APAS). The static clinical and dynamic laboratory protocols were found to be comparable and of acceptable reliability (ICC > 0.810) and a minor mean improvement in precision (0.23°) was observed when using the laboratory protocol. It was, therefore, concluded that if the purpose of measurement is to obtain precise and reliable frontal plane data, then the static clinical protocol is as useful as the dynamic laboratory protocol.en
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dc.titleReliability and precision of a static clinical versus a dynamic laboratory method of measurement of the leg and foot on stable and unstable ankles.en
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dc.bibliographicCitation.titleThe Footen
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