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dc.contributor.authorGoodyear, Melinda*
dc.contributor.authorObradovic, Angela*
dc.contributor.authorAllchin, Becca*
dc.contributor.authorCuff, Rose*
dc.contributor.authorMcCormick, Francis*
dc.contributor.authorCosgriff, Cheree*
dc.identifier.issn1838-7357 (Print)*
dc.description.abstractA collaborative approach to care of parents with a mental illness is essential to address the needs of the whole family. However, a number of constraints within adult mental health and child-focused services prevent a unified approach to the care of families where a parent has a mental illness (FaPMI). This paper reports on a cross-sector workforce development initiative aimed to build skill and knowledge in practitioners to work with FaPMI. The initiative included training in the ‘Keeping Families and Children in Mind’ e-resource to mental health, child and family services. The resource was combined with face to face training and small group meetings over six weeks, to help develop emerging champions/practice leaders to promote FaPMI-focused practice. A significant decline in the perceived ability to engage in FaPMI-focused practice emerged immediately post-training. The lack of perceived organisational supports was the major barrier to the implementation of FaPMI-focused practice across sectors. However following continued support of practitioners, a significant increase in FaPMI-focused practice across sectors, and a return to pre-survey levels of perceived organizational support, was observed at six-month post-training. The importance of providing additional implementation supports and time to consolidate practice change following training is highlighted. Recommended implementation and training strategies that will improve FaPMI-focused cross-sector approaches to better meet the need of FaPMI are described.en
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dc.titleBuilding capacity for cross-sectorial approaches to the care of families where a parent has a mental illness.en
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dc.bibliographicCitation.titleAdvances in Mental Healthen
dc.bibliographicCitation.titleAdvances in Mental Health: Promotion, Prevention and Early Interventionen
dc.bibliographicCitation.titleAdvances in Mental Health. Special Issue: Prevention and early intervention for children and families where parents have mental illnessen
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dc.subject.healththesaurusPARENTAL MENTAL ILLNESSen
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