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dc.contributor.authorGoodyear, Melindaen
dc.contributor.authorHill, Terri-Leeen
dc.contributor.authorAllchin, Beccaen
dc.contributor.authorMcCormick, Francisen
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dc.contributor.authorO'Hanlon, Brendanen
dc.description.abstractThis article was published with input from Ballarat Health Services.This article outlines the development of practice standards for the adult mental health workforce for addressing the needs of families where a parent has a mental illness (FaPMI). The practice standards recommended here were formulated using a modified cooperative inquiry process with a group of senior clinical leaders in adult mental health services in Australia, following consultation with the available literature and policy documents. The aim of the project was to generate, align, and operationalize family-inclusive practice standards within the core activities of the adult mental health workforce and integrate into the continuum of care and recovery for service users who are parents of dependent children. As part of a modified Delphi method, the standards were also ranked by the senior clinical leaders to determine what they believe to be essential and recommended practices for the adult mental health workforce they manage. We argue that developing practice standards that provide practical and realistic expectations of the adult mental health service workforce enable services and workers to better adapt practice to respond to FaPMI.en
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dc.titleStandards of practice for the adult mental health workforce: meeting the needs of families where a parent has a mental illness.en
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dc.bibliographicCitation.titleInternational Journal of Mental Health Nursingen
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