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Title: Use of a novel electronic patient care record system at mass gathering events by St John Ambulance Victoria.
Author: Gao, Crystal
Lim, Zheng J.
Freestone, Brendan
Austin, Kristy
McManus, Rob
Issue Date: 2019
Conference Name: World Association for Disaster and Emergency Management (WADEM) Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine
Conference Date: May 7-10th
Conference Place: Brisbane, Australia
Abstract: Introduction: The growing number of mass gathering events (MGEs) in Victoria has seen an increase in demand for event health services and the need for real-time reporting of medical incidents at these events. Aim: Since 2016, St. John Ambulance Victoria has introduced an electronic patient care record (ePCR) system with the aim of improving patient care and satisfaction. It appears that this ePCR system is the first of its kind to be trialed at MGEs by a volunteer organization. Methods: A qualitative study was conducted to determine strengths and limitations of the ePCR system by compiling results of surveys and interviews and through anonymous feedback from volunteers and patrons (event organizers, patients). This study is ongoing. Results: It was found that the use of ePCR: 1.Allowed for collection of relevant data to assist in future planning of MGEs 2.Aids the overall coordination of first aid delivery at MGEs -faster relaying of patient information to event commanders -reduction of paperwork -improved ability to locate first aid crews using GPS tracking 3.Received positive feedback from first aiders, event organizers, and patrons 4.Was deemed easy-to-use (4/5), acceptable (4.3/5), and helpful (4.1/5) by our members Discussion: These experiences demonstrate that ePCR is well-received, easy to use, and leads to improved patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes at MGEs. Furthermore, the ability to collect and analyze real-time data such as GPS location tracking, incidence heat maps, and patient demographics facilitate future event planning and resource allocation at MGEs. It is acknowledged that this study is preliminary, and the trialed use of an ePCR system has been limited to metropolitan areas and MGEs with <1 million patrons. The intent is to continue this study and explore the use of ePCRs at larger MGEs and events in rural or regional areas.
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Type: Conference
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